Encyclopedia Media

While moving into a new apartment and adjusting to married life, I’ve eagerly sought out sources of free furniture. My husband went on an errand to pick up $10 bookshelves from Craigslist and was offered an encyclopedia bookshelf for free. When he showed it to me, I instantly thought of our “homeless” DVD’s.

Here is the shelf when we took it in:

I removed the legs and sanded the shelf with 100 to 200 grit sandpaper until the glossy layer was gone. Then, I went crazy with a bucket of primer and primed the whole shelf. Finally after letting it dry, I used a basic white paint that my parents had in their garage from painting doors. This took several layers to cover the dark wood-about 3. I let them each dry overnight. The legs were painted separately.

A helpful “how-to paint any piece of furniture” can be found on Young House Love.

And for the finished product!! Looks like new…

Picture of shelf with DVDs (looks a tiny bit classier than a metal frame DVD rack).


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