The Gift of Thrift: Matted Pictures

Because I have been in such dire need of artwork, I often scour the thrift stores for art. My last trip to Goodwill was a lucky one, I purchased two matted pieces of art; both were fairly unusual with nice matting and mediocre frames. *Note, Goodwill sells artwork, furniture etc. online! Shop Goodwill Here! (On another note, here is a website for rules of thumb for  matted frames)

Here are my finds:

The artichoke picture hangs in my kitchen and the leaf artwork is on the entrance wall.


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  1. Posted July 22, 2010 at 11:40 am | Permalink | Reply

    These are great frames and mats Anna!
    Another comment on matting: if you have expensive or meaningful artwork that needs matting, be sure to buy rag mats which are 100% cotton and do not contain acid. Acid will over time ruin the paper behind them, and also compromise the artwork as a whole. You can tell if a mat is acid-free by looking at the bevel or the edge. If it is pure white, it is a rag mat. If it is off-white or creamy yellow, it is a paper mat that contains acid.

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