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Fashion a Mock Chandelier

For months I have wanted a airy, delicate chandelier. I wasn’t interested in using it for a light fixture, knowing that a cord would have to be strung. A corner of my living room needed to be filled and I was ready to see something hang from my ceiling. Rooms seem to be more complete with lamps of all different heights along with decor hanging from the ceiling. I thought about purchasing a Capiz Shell Mobile from, but chose to find a more inexpensive option. While walking through the aisles of Jo Anne Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, I found

I started by arranging and bundling the Silver Dollar stems together. The petals were difficult to work with and would tangle, but it was fun to experience flower arranging. After quickly wrapping two floral wires around the bunch, I made the stems flare outward like a chandelier shape.

Next, I placed the two ostrich feathers on the outer edges of the ‘chandelier.’ The feathers filled in any gaps between the petals and added the airy look that I wanted. Finally I wrapped stems with white floral tape the and stopped 5″ from the top of the stems. I curled the ends of the stems to further add to the chandelier look. These ends were then ready to cover in white tape.

Lastly, I evenly wrapped the white pearl pearl branches around the bundle’s stem. I was glad to see that this added even more elegance to my ceiling decor.

Floral wire made it easy to hang the ‘chandelier,’ I simply fashioned a loop with the wire and wound it around a hook that I screwed into the ceiling. Someday, I would like to place a tall, thin lamp underneath the ‘chandelier’ to shine light through the silver dollars, which could serve as a lamp shade material.


DIY Restore Old Couch Pillows

Before you throw out an out-of-date couch, give it a second chance. Restored pillows may make all the difference.

My husband and I were given a free set of comfortable couches that had a lot of potential. I decided to simply change the pattern on one side of the pillows, which had a floral design on one side and a checkered pattern on the other. The checkered pattern had served its time and I was ready to cover it with a fun, geometric patterned fabric. I chose a lawn-green fabric from Jo Ann Fabric. Linen-white lines in the fabric created a geometric pattern that I fell in love with. Later in the project, I bought a few more yards of the same fabric with a different pattern. For three 24 x 24″ pillows, I bought 2 1/4 yards and had a lot left over. Here are some other ideas for green, patterned fabrics: Waverly Parterre and Lattice Lagoon Fabric.

The first step I took in re-sewing my couch pillows was to gather supplies: Sewing machine, seam ripper, fabric scissors, sewing head pins, thread, sewing needle.Then I ripped the seams along the edges of the pillows and washed and ironed the old fabric (I also placed the stuffing into a bag to re-use after sewing).

Once the ripping was accomplished, I cut the new fabric to match the old pillow’s dimensions. I then pinned the two squares together with their right sides facing each other.

The pillow was ready to be sewn together (with a half-inch seam allowance). I left an 8-inch space open for stuffing.

After I turned the pillow right side-out and adjusted the corners, I re-stuffed the pillow and hand-stitch the 8-inch opening.

Once I placed these pillows on my couch, I knew this was a must needed project for my living room and I was so glad I took the time to improve my couches.



Check Out the Before and After

picture from Your New Reality

Take a look at the top of our blog, we have added a “Before and After” tab. This will take you directly to all our projects so you can browse them to your heart’s content. After all, who doesn’t love a good “Before and After”?