What to Float on Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a modern, cohesive way of showing off your decor. Once you’ve finally hung a difficult-to-hang-floating shelf, you’re probably ready to dress it up and add to the theme of the room. Smaller floating shelves may require lightweight objects like flowers, shells, frames and candles. The more durable, heavy shelves would work well with dishes, books, plants, clocks and lighting. Walnut & Ivory feature this floating shelf as a useful way to store pitchers with accessories to match.

Etsy.com sells a sturdy block-style shelf that can hold all kinds of bookshelf-items (boardgames, pottery, books).

Vases such as the Rialto Collection from Target would look neat on a modern shelf. Add some color by placing them in front of a colorful picture or placing vibrant large flowers inside.

A  unique piece of art could be nicely featured on a floating shelf. For example, this driftwood horse from Z Gallerie.

My floating shelves were purchase from Target, but I would recommend spending more to get a durable shelf for your home. I had to decorate lightly on my shelves due to the aggressive experience with my drill and dry-wall screws. I still like how it turned out! Colorful vases from Hobby Lobby and some spare votive candles gave a simplistic look to the shelf.


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