Grouping Reduces Clutter

Knick-knacks and decor in a room can easily begin to look cluttery. There are times I arrange and rearrange and can’t seem to make my shelves and surfaces look cohesive. When I add an element that unifies the items, whether it be a tray, a book, a basket, or just stacking the items, my space looks more organized, peaceful, and the objects look as if they belong together instead of simply living next to each other.

This thrift-store tray is the perfect home for my sugar, coffee, salt, and pepper.

This wire basket was also a thrift-store find and is used to hold napkins, notepads, books that we read as a family. Further grouping of gift cards into an Ikea collander gives a cohesive look to what otherwise would appear junky.

My mom gifted this little green tray to me, and it fits perfectly with the decor in Hailey’s bedroom and happily corrals the candleholders and alarm clock.

Young House Love uses this beautiful faux clam shell from Z Gallerie to group colorful fruit in the kitchen.

Jenny at Little Green Notebook utilizes stacking to unify her daughter’s dresser.

And again, she stacks objects in her office bringing together coordinating colors and sizes to keep needed items on hand without looking cluttered.


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