Five Dollar Fridays: Fall Decor

In the name of fun and frugality, we have birthed “Five Dollar Fridays” (today being the first Five Dollar Friday post). Each Friday Sarah and I will create something with $5 or less to fit within our chosen theme. For September, our theme is “Fall Decor”. If you want to join in on Five Dollar Fridays, send us your photos and description to


In search for a five dollar fall-themed decorative piece, I decided to shop through Goodwill for a deal. My eyes were on the look out for browns, oranges, yellows and reds. I picked up a few dried-plant decorations that are frequently found in the autumn season, but I wasn’t satisfied with the dry, dim appearance. After a few minutes of shopping, I saw some shiny ceramic vegetables that were fall-themed. After a closer look, I found out that they were from Pier 1 and had never been used! The price made it even better: $1.99! Fall decorations aren’t my favorite, so I was happy to find something substantial and festive for so inexpensive!

I mustered up some other accents for the veggies and stood them tall above my table as a center-piece. They don’t look too far off from fruit that I would normally rather place as a centerpiece.

Blurry picture, but you can see the brand new packaging and sticker price from Goodwill.


I’m really excited for the September Five Dollar Friday theme. I’ve never in the six years I’ve been married made a good attempt to decorate for fall. The first few years I didn’t think about it and didn’t have the money, the last few years I’ve worked out of town and wouldn’t have been home much to enjoy the decorations. But now that I have a baby and am a stay-at-home mom, I  am committed to making the seasons and holidays a special time in the Gilcher Household.

My search yielded a vase from a garage sale ($1.00) and three pieces of foliage from The Dollar Tree, for a total of $4.00 for the project (plus tax).

Instead of spending more money on a piece of foam to put inside the vase, I stuffed a couple plastic bags inside to hold the foliage in place, stuck the foliage inside, spread out the leaves and trimmed some long fronds to make the bouquet even. I had a little cloth napkin on hand with the same colors, which completes my fall centerpiece.

So that wraps up the first Five Dollar Friday.


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  1. Patsy
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Very, very nice.

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