Symmetric vs. Asymmetric

After planning a wedding, entering into a jewelry design company and home decorating, I have discovered that I am a big fan of symmetry. I like matching curves, lines and patterns.  A room has potential to become cleaner, more organized and minimalized when symmetry is added. It seems that the best pieces that create a symmetrical room are: chairs, end tables, frames, mirrors and pillows.

Here are some examples of a symmetrical room. Notice the textiles show symmetry as well as the placement of the furniture.


Marmelade Interiors


Robyn Karp


Although I am one to prefer symmetry in decor, there are a lot of designers that can make an asymmetric, unbalanced room look very appealing! Sometimes it can provide a room with a more whimsical or friendly appearance.

Shabby Chic

Elle Decor


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