BEFORE & AFTER: Recreating a Floating Shelf

I have been wanting a floating shelf of some sort for Hailey’s room, so I bought this black Aaron Brothers shelf at Salvation Army for $2.99 with the intent of painting it white.

I primed it with Kilz latex primer using a foam brush.

And added three layers of flat Salt Glaze from Behr’s Martha Stewart line, left over from my end table. I then coated it with a couple coats of Minwax Water-Based Polyurethane, which is my new polyurethane of choice as it does not yellow.

I put a couple screws in the wall, not worrying about using drywall screws since it is a small shelf that will not be holding heavy objects. I snagged a few of Hailey’s least-used toys/books (but also some of the cuter ones!) to put on the shelf so she won’t miss them too much.

Want more ideas for your floating shelves? Check out Anna’s post “What to Float on Floating Shelves“.


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