Campaign Desk Part 2, Priming

Since I’m especially taking my time on painting the campaign desk from Goodwill, I am only to the priming stage. The first stage was to Safely Remove all of the Hardware. My goal was to prime the whole desk in 30 minutes and that is about all the time it took! Priming should be fast, simple and not messy. My painting project is located in our second bedroom of our apartment. Tricky, but possible! All you need is a wide paint brush, quart of primer, and a sheet to set the furniture piece on. I tried to not let any drips occur to save me the hassle of sanding them out later. By storing my paintbrush in a plastic bag, the paintbrush will stay moist if I need to do touch ups or so I can wash it right before I start my new color. This way I won’t have to deal with a crunchy, crisp brush.

Part of the reason the painting is delayed is because I can’t decide what color the campaign desk should be! Gray, white and other variations of the two seem to be all great options! Hopefully within the next few days I will have a color picked out.


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