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Rachel Ferkovich Giveaway

My friend Rachel Ferkovich, a talented artist and photographer, is hosting a giveaway for the 1-year anniversary of her blog, with two chances to win! The prizes are:

#1 – Free Photoshoot (if you live in the Los Angeles area) or the photo of your choice (you choose from her photos and she will send the print), a $15 starbucks giftcard and an Anthro mug

#2 – Anthro Tea Towel & Measuring spoons

Giveaway guidelines:

  • Post this link “” on your facebook, twitter, and/or blog
  • After that, please leave a comment on Rachel’s blog post with your name, email address, and a link to the post you made.
  • Optional bonus question: visit her Etsy Store and tell her which item you like best and why

This Give-Away ends on Monday, 11/1 and the winner will be chosen on Saturday, 11/06 and then prizes will be sent out then!


Five Dollar Friday: Fragrances Week 3


How about a homemade fragrance? Here is a recipe that I wrapped in cellophane and gave as a gift last year. It will make someone’s home smell festive and welcoming. To keep the cost down, this is a great idea for if you already have the major ingredients at home. Sometimes spices can add up in price.

3 cinnamon sticks

3 bay leaves

1/4 cup whole cloves

1 teaspoon ground cloves

2 lemon slices

2 tablespoons orange peel

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 quart water

Combine all of the ingredients into medium saucepan and simmer on the stove in shallow water, adding water as needed


When I worked in San Diego, my coworkers and I stayed in a Doubletree Hotel. One of my coworkers had been staying at the hotel for so long that the guys at the front desk gave him the same room each week. To make his room more homey, he would hide candles on top of the armoire to burn each week in his room, and apparently housekeeping never found them.

Well, with my $4.15 find there is no reason for hiding candles in your hotel room. While at Sears buying a new stapler for my reupholstery project, I decided to browse the candles – not really expecting to find anything for $5 or under. However, I found an amazing-smelling tea leaf and citrus travel candle on sale for $4.15!

Open and lit:

Closed and ready for travel! (I wish I could get ready to hit the road that easily.)

How to Reupholster a Wingback Rocker, Part III: Cutting Fabric, Applying Webbing

Be sure to check out Part I and Part II if you missed them.

Slowly but surely I am making progress on my chair. Last week I put together a chart of my fabric, mapping out where each part of the chair would be cut from. This week I laid my fabric on the dining room table, printed out my chart, set out my measurements, and went to work. I used a piece of white chalk, a T-square, and measuring tape to mark off each part on the right side of the fabric. I also labeled the parts as I went so when they were cut I would know where they belonged. I remeasured each piece before cutting them, knowing that I could screw up my project big-time if I missed the measurements even by an inch.

I have such satisfaction in my neat pile of cut fabric. I saved the scraps. Since I did not designate specific fabric for the welting, I’m hoping the scraps will be enough.

My webbing supplies arrived, so I was able to complete the webbing on the chair. I followed the instructions in my book:

  • Mark the center of the wood bordering around the arms and back
  • Decide on how many pieces of webbing are needed for the space
  • Fold the webbing 1″ on the end, use 5 tacks to nail down .25″ from the end of the wood. Nail tacks in a zig-zag pattern on folded end.

  • Using a webbing stretcher tool (mine was only $7.95 on, place the groove on the edge of the wood for support, stick the spikes through the webbing, and pull down to make the webbing taut.

  • Use 3 tacks to keep the webbing in place, then cut and fold over 1″ of webbing, nailing with 5 tacks as before.
  • When crossing with more webbing, weave the webbing through. If there are more than one pieces of crossed webbing, alternate the weave to provide more stability.

I ran out of webbing (I bought 25 feet), otherwise I would have done one more cross-piece on the backing. I think it will be fine though. Doesn’t that look SO much better than cardboard??

UPDATE: In retrospect, I wish I would have waited to attach the webbing until all the base fabric was attached (the deck, the arms, the front). Now I have had to detach some in order to attach my fabric properly.

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