Five Dollar Friday: Fall theme Week 5


A few days ago I made a trip to TJ Maxx and found some really great deals in their clearance section. It was difficult to find fall themed-items in the clearance, so I shopped through the regular home decor for our Five Dollar Friday. Everything seemed to be priced $5.99, but I finally saw a decorative acorn that was $4.99 and would be a subtle addition to my fall decor.


For my Fall Decor piece I decided to make a miniature version of this leaf wreath I fell in love with last week. I collected some fallen leaves at the park and set them out to dry. I regretted that I didn’t press them in a book right away because they got wrinkly and curly, and eventually I had to press them in a book anyway, between pieces kleenex to absorb the moisture and protect the pages of my books.

Once the leaves were flat and dry I painted them with DecoArt’s “Luminous Gold” ($1.99 from Jo-Ann’s) and left them to dry.

Meanwhile I also painted last week’s pumpkins with the guilding.

I cut a piece of cereal box into a ring for my wreath.

I didn’t have much hot glue left so I used tacky glue and pressed the leaves down with a book so they would stick.

I used my remaining hot glue to put the last few leaves on to add some dimension since it was looking a bit flat.

The finished product made it’s way beneath my pretty pumpkins.

Final cost of this week’s project? $1.99!


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