Five Dollar Friday: Fragrances Week 2


Wonderful aromas can be a blessing in the home, that is why it is important to find inexpensive fragrances. For my five dollar purchase this week I decided to try out potpourri from TJ Maxx. Of course the clearance section is where I found the best deal. TJ Maxx had a few large bags of potpourri on clearance for $3! I snatched-up the red potpourri because it seemed more festive. The scent did not end up smelling Fall or Wintery, but was a great blend of fruit and citrus scents.

The potpourri fit best in my bedroom and matches the colors scheme. I’m very happy to have a sweet smell in my room for only $3!


I decided to go festive this week and chose a spindly-legged spider votive holder from Big Lots, snagged for $2.99. Paired with a citrus-sage votive (a pack of 16 cost me $2.50 at Big Lots), this spider brought in a bit of the season minus ugly webs. I can’t smell the citrus sage very well, but it might be due to my cold this week.

Please excuse the dust particles, I was trying this nontoxic flea treatment in our apartment this week, and the dust is neverending!


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