Our Apartment-Sized Christmas Decor

I’m beginning to work on my DIY Christmas gifts, (in need of ideas? Check out this post all about DIY Christmas gifts), but wanted to take a break to post my little Christmas decor projects. I’m working on bringing more Christmas warmth into our house, especially now that we have Hailey. Jerod hardly notices Christmas decor, but I love the warmth Christmas decor brings to the house and want Hailey to begin to feel the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. Without much room for storage in our apartment, space to put the decorations, or much of a budget, I had to put my thinking cap on.

DIY Christmas Wreath How-to:

Last year I found this wreath at the Salvation Army for a couple bucks, and this year I reused it by plucking last year’s decor off (which my husband called “tacky” and “traditional” before he realized that I had been the one who decorated the wreath last year. I’m not hurt, though, because it was true. And my first attempt ever at decorating a wreath).

My easy steps to fixing up an old, ugly wreath:

  • Buy a pretty holiday garland (mine was on sale at Michael’s for $10.00 minus my 15% off coupon) and snip / peel it apart. Keep the stems on each piece. You will need wire cutters/pliers for this.
  • Buy some berries or feathery foliage, etc. for fill-in, and snip/peel/tear apart, leaving stems on.
  • Keep some floral wire on hand in case of large pieces that have a hard time staying in.
  • Stick your pieces into the wreath, for the most part the existing greenery will hold them in. You may need to use your floral wire to help anchor bigger pieces to the frame of the wreath. If you want the wreath to last many years without falling apart, it would be a good idea to wire / glue all pieces in place. I like having the option of changing my wreath, like I did this year.
  • Find a wide, coordinating ribbon to hang the wreath with. If you are hanging it on your door like I did, simply double the ribbon around the wreath and nail it to the top of the door.




Mantel Decor How-To:

My mantel is tiny and only sticks out from the wall about five inches, so I’m a bit limited when it comes to decorating it. Here were the things I kept in mind while decking the mantel holiday-style:

  • A garland of greenery woven with lights is a must for me
  • Add sparkle with ornaments, gilded fruit/berries, silver candlesticks, or glittery feathers/leaves. My mantel includes a garland of gilded berries and other gilded fruit popped in around . The cord is hanging out and looking yucky, but I have no closer outlet.
  • Add dimension with candlesticks/candles, topiaries, pinecones, etc.
  • Plug in extra foliage and decor – the more, the better.

Check out some great mantel ideas at Better Homes and Gardens.

Centerpieces have never been my forte, so I wanted to put more effort into it this year. I bought these glass hurricanes at Michael’s for $7.50 apiece (with 15% off that) and placed inexpensive candles inside, then set them on a silver tray I already had in my kitchen.

I had purchased some after-Christmas sale greenery last year that I clipped apart and placed around the tray.

And the result:


Other Christmas decor I love:

Design Sponge

Young House Love

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