Friday:Favorite ‘Etsy’ Christmas Gifts under $50 is one of our favorite websites to search for handmade gifts. These gifts are suitable for relatives, friends and co-workers. Most of the people you know aren’t used to receiving a gift that was created by an artist. is a great online shop that maintains the appreciation for arts and crafts! Here are some ideas for you for under $50!


An adorable bracelet for a any girl ages thirteen to 30!

Birds Nest Bracelet $30


For any silly guy:

Bearded Beanie $40


A person who hunts would love this:

Unscented Hunting Soap $4


A great gift for anyone who has or is receiving an Amazon Kindle:

Kindle Sleeve $15

Last of all, a good gift for a co-worker or friend:

Vintage Soap $15


Prints on wood by shop PetitCollage make great gifts for someone with small children, or your own children’s room:

Animal Tower, $15

A chandelier mug from Lenny Mud’s shop, $14, a fun gift for the decorator types:

Turn Me On’s shop has an amazing selection of switchplate covers with unique art/photos, an awesome gift for someone who needs a pop of color in their bedroom or bathroom:

Antique Double Switchplate Cover, $11


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