Holiday Centerpiece

For the holidays, I like my home to feel even more cozy and warm. The centerpiece that I recently finished creates a warm feeling in our little dining area. This idea was developed and partially inspired from a recent Young House Love post. All that I used were a couple of fun-colored glass bottles and some candles from Goodwill (1.99 for 2 talls and 2.99 for the large candle). After looking up several ways to remove labels off glass bottles, I realized it is as simple as soaking them in warm water for 20 minutes. I broke the tall candlesticks in half to give them varying lengths and melted them into the bottles. Melting the wax down the side of the bottle gives a nice effect as well.

I love the large candle from Goodwill that I found for $2.99, it looks handmade and has great texture. The lace gives the centerpiece a softer look. I am all about calm and relaxing decor!


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