Framed Art with Style: Lonny Mag

This month’s issue of Lonny Magazine includes some great ideas for framed art.

I think my favorite wall is this first one because of the creativity. What a great way to offset a teeny tiny window in the bathroom by making it appear a part of a gallery wall! The only caution with framed art in the bathroom is it can easily get steam between the art and the glass. Use inexpensive prints in the bathroom, and frame with spacers between the matting and the glass so the artwork doesn’t touch the condensation. The best bet for bathrooms is canvas art, with oil or acrylic that won’t be harmed by moisture.

First off, I am loving the grasscloth wallpaper on the ceiling. Such an interesting texture in an unexpected place. The computer monitor and file folders are offset by the artwork on the wall for a less office-y look.

In the living room below a painting has been framed in a circular frame, modernizing the piece and making it a focal point rather than an unnoticeable been-in-the-family-forever painting.

And a corkboard surfaced with wallpaper and framed in a vintage frame ties pictures together, making the backdrop for this desk a work of art. And would somebody tell me where to buy that white chair please?


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