Hailey’s Nursery: Sweet but Unfinished

Being a perfectionist, I didn’t want to reveal Hailey’s nursery on the blog until it felt “complete,” but I’m doubting that day will ever come. So I decided to put it all here, and motivate myself to add the final touches over the next few months. So here are the pictures of the nursery (slash guest room – we do live in a 2-bedroom apartment) as it is now (which won’t be a nursery for much longer as my little girl is a year-and-a-half now), and my checklist of the remaining work to be done. I am also listing out my favorite features and my items that need work, which of course will tie in to my handy dandy checklist.

My favorite feature of the corner below: vintage turquoise fan, wooden bead toy, great books.

Needs work: baby backpack stowed in the corner, toys everywhere with no place to go.

I think the painted French Provincial dresser is still my favorite feature of the whole room (painting tutorial for the dresser here).

Other DIYs below: pink tissue paper pom-poms made using this tutorial, ceramic painted pig tutorial here, painted coat rack here, painted floating shelf here, butterfly shadowbox here.

The corner of the nursery/guestroom containing Hailey’s bed, rocker, and dresser is too crowded with bulky furniture. Unfortunately there aren’t many options of rearranging this small room, so we make do. Dreaming of someday….

DIY projects below: Refinished nightstand tutorial here, reupholstered wingback rocker tutorial begins here.

Needs work: Curtainless windows

Favorite features: Vintage quilt my mom bought me, DIY art on the wall.

Needs work: Mismatched pillows, no shams, ugly old lamp showing off its cord. And of course, the toys again.

Clock: from And Furthermore’s Etsy shop. Pillow covers from Marie’s Cosy Cushions’ Etsy shop. The other frames are thrifted. The bird picture I DIYed by printing a picture of a bird I found online and cutting it out from a scrap of fabric, then mounted it onto a fabric backing. I would suggest using paper instead of fabric as I lost some of the finer features when they suddenly unraveled. The “H” is painted onto the glass so I could potentially change out the paper behind it. The mirror with the leafy border is a DIY project.

Hailey’s Nursery Checklist of To-Dos:

  • Curtains – brainstorm curtain styles that work with the baseboard heater. Paint old black curtain rod white.
  • Buy the EKARP floor lamp and a shade from Ikea. Paint the lamp white.
  • One more picture to fill the gap on my frame wall. Maybe a DIY words-as-graphics?
  • Buy or make pillow shams and a pillow cover for the throw pillow that is missing a cover.
  • Buy a toybox. I’m not a big fan of wooden toyboxes because I have childhood memories of slamming my fingers in the lid or pinching them in the hinges of our wooden toybox. I’m picturing something more like

    this storage ottoman from Overstock.com:


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