Chalkboard Usage and Display

A cafe is always much cooler with a chalkboard menu. Homes can also look great with chalkboard walls or boards to serve as purposeful surfaces. It is important to tactfully use the chalkboards by placing them in appropriate rooms. I’ve found a few ways to incorporate chalkboards throughout my apartment

My first chalkboard project was a few months ago to use a few more of the canvases that I purchased from Michaels (3 for $15). These worked great for a permanent design with chalk because it was so difficult to erase. For that reason, I came up with designs that I was happy enough to live with for a while. I apologize for only having my ‘After’ pictures not having my ‘Before’ pictures on both of these ideas, they disappeared from my camera.

On all of my examples, I used Chalkboard Spray-Paint

On a side note, ‘Tums’ works great as a last minute chalk solution- I used the Tums pills as the framing on the Utensils picture. It took a while to find some cute kitchen quotes, but I liked this Julia Child quote that I found online.

My most recently created chalkboard was originally White Elephant party gift. The gift was originally a block of wood with a tacky design. A wood block is the best way to achieve a functional chalkboard. It was also difficult to erase off of the wood block, hence the unusual design that I chose. The best solution, that I’ve been meaning to try, seems to be a white-vinegar mixture with water. Chalkboard designs can range from abstract, to words, to drawings and I had fun trying all three.


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