Spiffy Bookcases

I’m sorry for the long silence! Since making a resolution to work on Hailey’s nursery a few weeks back, we’ve had a minor (but welcome) setback. We found out that Hailey will be a big sister in about 8 months! Although we are super stoked for this event, so far I have been feeling really sick and also suddenly developed gluten intolerance. So…you may not be seeing many posts from me. Today I’m feeling great so far (praise the Lord).

After the post about Hailey’s room I cringed when I saw her bookcase in it’s disarray. I’ve never been great at arranging bookcases, so I decided to work a little harder at it. Here is the before:

I decided to remove all the “big girl” books from the shelves – you know, my childhood favorites that I’ve been saving all this time in hopes that she will love them too. I can easily stash them somewhere else in the name of decluttering! So after removing the books and finding some giveaways while I was at it, I rearranged, placing non-book objects between clusters of like books, and stacking the books various ways to give some variety to the shelf. Here is the after:



One Comment

  1. Mom
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 7:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    I always love to declutter, very nice 🙂

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