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The Nursery

With our moving date about a month out, I’ve had plenty of time to mentally remodel/redecorate our entire house! So it’s fun when I can put it on “paper” so to speak, in inspiration boards on my computer.

I’m really excited to actually be able to paint the walls in our new baby room. With Hailey I made up for the beige apartment walls by painting her dresser. Our bun-in-the-oven, Madelyn Faith, will have an aqua room with coral accents. Here is the inspiration board:

The wood floor will require a nice soft carpet for our little girl (and for our toes in the middle of the night in the dead of winter). The rug will probably be our most expensive purchase for this frugal little nursery. Our current crib is brown, but I hope to find time to paint it white before September, when Madelyn is due to come. The rocking chair probably looks familiar, yes, it is the finished reupholstered rocking chair project (which still has yet to be completed – the cushion needs to be ENTIRELY resewn). The dresser is a stand-in for what I’m hoping to find on Craigslist as I did with Hailey’s dresser – which was a steal at $40. The tissue pom-poms are super easy to make, the hardest part is finding the right colors of tissue paper. And I would love to find the other ball-type things – any ideas? Party supply maybe? Pom-poms are my idea of a mobile-replacement. Hailey loved watching them twist and turn while having her diaper changed when she was very young.

Our biggest hurdle with the baby room will be closing up a huge hole in the floor. Yes, that’s right, we have a spiral staircase through the floor into a basement bedroom, as odd as that is. Unfortunately the rooms are on the small side, and we can’t afford the square footage the staircase takes up. Otherwise we might consider putting a closet around it until the kids were older so they could have the ultimate two-level shared bedroom.

Basement guest-bedroom:

Madelyn’s Room:

Obviously by the railing placement, this staircase is an extreme hazard to young children, in addition to the space it takes up. My hope is to close the hole up and put matching wood over the floor, probably nabbing the wood from the coat closet floor and replacing it with carpet.


Home is Where My Heart Is

That is…my new home! That’s right, we are moving to Spokane and buying a house, and I can’t stop thinking and planning for it. After 7 years of marriage, we will finally stop renting and have a place to call our own. My husband, Jerod, will be starting a new job at our old church as a college and equipping pastor, so we will be able to live near my family for as long as God keeps us in Spokane.

So here’s a picture of our fixer-upper “House of Dreams”:

Yes, the house color and the “artistic” shrubs will have to go. We will have 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms downstairs, two bathrooms, with a good-sized family room in the basement. The basement is mostly finished, with lots of extra storage, which I’m so excited about! The house is also in walking-distance from some good friends and my grandparents.

I couldn’t resist beginning a design board for the living room, so I’ll share that with you. My plans are a bit lofty for our budget, but I’ll try to bargain shop my way to this look.

Actual living room (there is a wood floor under that carpet):

My plans:

Excuse my photoshopping skills, I don’t actually have fancy Adobe software, just the open source equivalent, which leaves much to be desired!

A quick Design Board Rundown:

  • I’m working with the chair and sofa I already have, the sofa is similar to the picture above, and the slipper chair is the exact same. My plan is to buy a second orange slipper chair. The chair is from Target.
  • Wall color: upper left – Benjamin Moore Cotton Tail (my paints will be a low-VOC color match since I am prego and have Hailey in the house and can’t use regular paint).
  • Wall color: upper right – This is my mock-up idea of a stencil design I want on one wall (which wall is TBD). My stencil will most likely be purchased from Cutting Edge Stencils’ shop on Etsy. I’m not totally decided on the leaf pattern, they have some really cool damask stencils as well. Inspiration photo for the stencil wall from Caitlin Wilson Designs:

  • The curtains, table, and lamp are from Crate and Barrel – all pretty high in price, so we’ll see what I can finagle for cheaper. I know the curtain print and the chair print look pretty busy together, so I’ll have to wait until I get my furniture into the living room to find out if they will fight with each other or not. If so, I’ll go for a more solid fabric for the curtains.
  • The rug is from
  • Printed pillows: Etsy, Plum Cushion’s Shop
  • White mirrored chest: (This one is waaay above my price range, so I’m hoping to DIY one from a thrift store or Craigslist find!)