Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Campaign for Change

I’m back! Hailey stayed the night at her Grammy’s house last night, so I only have one little one on my hands today. My before-and-after is an ugly vintage campaign desk Jerod found on the side of the road for me in Tacoma. (You might recognize it being almost exactly like Anna’s desk she repainted.) I love campaign furniture, so I was thrilled and saw potential in the pitiful thing. That was over a year ago.

Yes, that ugly thing has sat in our old apartment and our new home looking like that. After discovering Annie Sloan chalk paint, I bought some in Old White (it took two testers) and painted a thin coat and then a thicker coat. The great thing about chalk paint is it does not require sanding or priming, so even though the paint is expensive, you save time and extra supplies. My vision for this desk was to paint it with my chair fabric motif. I thought the huge drawers needed a little more than just that, so I took an inexpensive tube of gold acrylic paint and painted squares with the corners scooped out (is there a name for those?). I then penciled in the design from the chair and painted it with a cheap light orange acrylic paint, and a second coat of Basic acrylic red paint which I wiped away for a more “worn” look.

Now I just need to find the missing piece of hardware for the desk – it’s sitting in one of my many junk drawers somewhere.