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New Friends in our Living Room

Yes, we have two new additions to our living room family – the first being a faux deer head from Z Gallerie. When I showed it to Jerod and told him it was what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, he wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth. But he does like our dear deer head… (“Oh dear! …Oh, something about the deer for our venison stew…” Can you place that movie quote, anyone?)

I love the contrast of the white against our light blue walls.

Our other new friend is a second orange chair! I’ve been wanting one ever since we bought the first one, and when Joss and Main┬áhad a sale on Skyline Furniture, this slipper chair popped up at half price! Update: It was not actually half-price, I was remembering the Target price wrong. It was $50 cheaper. The fabric is Aviary by Thomas Paul. The original chair I bought from This chair is only the second piece of new furniture we’ve purchased since moving in 8 months ago, amazingly enough.

(Sorry about the horrible pictures, my cheap-o camera freaked out because it was snowing outside.)


I’m So Tiled Out

The tub surround tiling project is almost complete! Last weekend began with the tub surround looking like the picture below, due to the fact that I got the most work done after the little girls were in bed and couldn’t use the saw. I began the project by putting a thin layer of thinset on the wall with a wide spackle knife, then applying a thicker thinset layer with the v-notched trowel. When I of necessity had a more frantic pace, this changed into applying thinset with the v-notch trowel directly to the backs of the tiles and sticking them up on the wall. That seemed to work just as well, except on the ceiling where I had to tape a few up until they dried. Applying the thinset in a circular motion before sticking them to the ceiling worked pretty well too, as it created a bit of suction on the back of the tile.

The wet saw was lent to me by gracious friends (saving me the $44/day that Home Depot charges to rent a wet saw). However, they have their own emergency bathroom remodel and needed the saw back on Monday. I had a few precious days to cut all my tile. My solution was to put up as much tile as I could while the girls were sleeping, mark each tile to be cut with a sharpie at the “cut line”, then to individually number the spots and the backs of my tiles to be fit into the spots. That way I could cut as fast as I could.

I set the wet saw down in the tub where the mess could be contained somewhat. Even so, thinset and tile dust was everywhere. You can see some on the door in the picture above.

Thankfully my mom came to watch the kids for a few hours on Monday while I cut tile as fast as I could. Although that was 4 days ago, my fingers are still thrashed by shards of porcelain that worked their way into the thinset-worn skin, and my fingernails sport thinset around the edges (beneath the manicure my 2-year-old gave me today, that is). I finished tiling on Monday! I’ve been taking a break to get my house back in order and nurse my poor sick 2-year-old who has sorely felt the effect of Momma being too busy. We’ll see when I get to the grout. Tonight I finished scraping bits of thinset off the tiles with a razor blade, so it doesn’t peek through my nice dark grout.

So this is my first tiling attempt. My lines are uneven, some of the gaps gape, but hey, it’s my first time, and I have a 5-month-old baby who only wants Mama. So I’m pretty happy with my work!

Making Tile Pop with Dark Grout

Whoever came up with the idea of using dark grout with subway tiles in homes was a genius in my humble opinion. I know not everyone likes this look, but I love it! After doing all the hard work of tiling (I have put up 440 tiles in the last week), I want them to stand out, mistakes and all! I chose “pewter” unsanded grout (special ordered from Home Depot). Here are some dark-grout/subway tile eye candy inspiration:

Tilly's Cottage

via Material Girls

via E. Pleuralis

via Decor Pad