Cemented in my Mind

And it is cemented in my mind – I certainly will NEVER forget what a pain cement board is. Ugh. But it’s done now, and my dad did the majority of it, thankfully! He also did the plumbing in the wall, which included cutting pipes and soldering new ones. Thank the Lord for my dad. We scored/snapped the cement board to size, using a jigsaw (and a few blades) to cut holes for the plumbing. The screws are corrosion-resistant screws meant specifically for the Hardibacker cement board we used.

Step two of the cement board was the mesh tape to go on the joints. I put thinset over the tape to waterproof the seams.


I also taped/mudded the corner joints which weren’t looking too hot.

And then I caulked the change of planes (ceiling to wall, wall to wall). Here’s the nice crisp finished, waterproof product:

Of course I couldn’t wait to get started! I read this technique somewhere online – and in retrospect it was a big mistake. I taped (nails work better, but not when small children are in bed) a straight edge in the center of the wall, and began working up from there. I found out later that I measured wrong and created a lot more work for myself. But here’s where it all began, more to follow.


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  1. Posted February 14, 2012 at 8:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    wow! can’t wait to see the finished product! I can tell just from the last photo that the dark grout is going to make the tiles look great!

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