Master Bedroom Thrifty Decorating

To follow up my house tour post, I will gradually reveal the details I’ve added to my older home. As with most of the decor in my house, my bedroom decorating consists of thrift store purchases, wedding gifts and homemade items. Thankfully all of my bedding was brand new 🙂 When I feel like a wall is bare, I run to a thrift store every so often to see if I can find something to fix it.


My favorite part about our room is the window about our bed. Mostly because it serves as a headboard, but also because I can fill it with my thrifty items! Yes, I am a hoarder!

Window from left to right: Wedding gift candles; ‘relax’ sign from my mother; tall white thrift store candle; white floral stems(the one item I bought new); mirror from Goodwill; Vase from Value Village; Cute wooden people wedding gift! There’s also my feather-duster looking decoration behind the vase in the light


Normally, I shy away from throwing too many wedding photos onto the walls of my home, but I feel that it’s not too self-absorbed to put them on our bedroom wall. For this reason, I used most of the ones I liked because it makes for inexpensive wall art! And we are the only ones who really see it.

My ceilings make it awkward to know where to hang items. I chose to hang the wreaths and picture close together to make them look more like one object than like three separates. And I hung it midway on the wall to fill space.


This is my make-shift dresser for socks, pajamas, unmentionables, and magazines 😉 I love it! By finding any spare baskets, and using an unused bookshelf, I figured I could save a lot of space and money by using storage I already have. You can buy shelving like this, but its more eclectic and inexpensive this way.

Most of my walls in my bedroom are covered but I am aching to make this burlap banner for a blank wall closer to the ceiling and above my closet! All of the ceilings are higher than I’m used to so it gives me more room to play with!


I wish I had a sewing machine and I could make it now!


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