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White Subway Tub Surround, Complete!

Yesterday I took my first shower in our newly tiled tub surround!! Hurrah!! Our bathtub still has to be resurfaced, so we’ll be saving up for that. But I love how posh the shiny white tile seems, and the graphic contrast that the dark grout brings in. (Posh is a relative term – in contrast with the pink plastic tile.)

I plan to write an in-depth post on how I tiled my tub surround, but for now, these are the finished photos. The showerhead, tub spout, and knobs came from, the suction cup caddy is from Target.

White subway tile, dark grout

Don’t scrutinize too closely – me and my razor have some more caulk to clean up off the tile. That is the hard part about dark grout/caulk – it never cleans up.

I also replaced the ancient, malfunctioning drain. We no longer have to hang a wet washcloth on the drain latch to get it to stay open!

My biggest mistake was making the hole for the showerhead too large for the flange to cover. So I’ve ordered a square flange to cover the gaping black hole.

Here is the pink tile in all her glory (backwards – this photo was taken in the mirror):

And again, the after:

And today I received a pleasant surprise in the mail – my shower curtain that was supposedly back-ordered until May! Pictures later…

New Friends in our Living Room

Yes, we have two new additions to our living room family – the first being a faux deer head from Z Gallerie. When I showed it to Jerod and told him it was what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, he wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth. But he does like our dear deer head… (“Oh dear! …Oh, something about the deer for our venison stew…” Can you place that movie quote, anyone?)

I love the contrast of the white against our light blue walls.

Our other new friend is a second orange chair! I’ve been wanting one ever since we bought the first one, and when Joss and Main had a sale on Skyline Furniture, this slipper chair popped up at half price! Update: It was not actually half-price, I was remembering the Target price wrong. It was $50 cheaper. The fabric is Aviary by Thomas Paul. The original chair I bought from This chair is only the second piece of new furniture we’ve purchased since moving in 8 months ago, amazingly enough.

(Sorry about the horrible pictures, my cheap-o camera freaked out because it was snowing outside.)