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New Friends in our Living Room

Yes, we have two new additions to our living room family – the first being a faux deer head from Z Gallerie. When I showed it to Jerod and told him it was what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, he wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth. But he does like our dear deer head… (“Oh dear! …Oh, something about the deer for our venison stew…” Can you place that movie quote, anyone?)

I love the contrast of the white against our light blue walls.

Our other new friend is a second orange chair! I’ve been wanting one ever since we bought the first one, and when Joss and Main had a sale on Skyline Furniture, this slipper chair popped up at half price! Update: It was not actually half-price, I was remembering the Target price wrong. It was $50 cheaper. The fabric is Aviary by Thomas Paul. The original chair I bought from This chair is only the second piece of new furniture we’ve purchased since moving in 8 months ago, amazingly enough.

(Sorry about the horrible pictures, my cheap-o camera freaked out because it was snowing outside.)


Madelyn’s Dresser – French Provincial Dresser, Take II


I’m afraid I have had (or made) no time for blogging lately, but I wanted to give some quick updates of my projects I’ve made time for while being pregnant, the first one being our baby’s dresser. Baby Madelyn is due to be born in a mere 6 weeks (!) so I’ve been busy getting her room put together and hanging up sweet little newborn clothes.

I found this French Provincial dresser on Craigslist for $40, which I’m finding out is a STEAL! I’d checked Craigslist for months trying to find a similar piece to the one in Hailey’s room, only to discover that they typically run from $200 to $400.


The dresser came painted in a flat pink color with gold trim. I had found a mistinted grey semi-gloss Olympic no VOC paint at Lowe’s for $5. I have been sticking with the no-VOC paints while pregnant, and probably will continue to due to small children being in the house. I love that there are no smelly gases coming off the walls into our home.

I primed the gold paint on the dresser with Olympic no-VOC primer, then painted the whole thing with a mini foam roller, giving it 2-3 thin coats to keep the paint smooth. I painted the hardware with Rustoleum’s oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint, which I had also done on Hailey’s dresser. I coated the whole dresser with two coats of water-based polyurethane for protection and added gloss.

You may remember my Ung Drill of yore, I’ve now updated it for Madelyn’s room and I think it looks great against her turquoise wall (Olympic’s Serendipity). I grabbed some fabric at Jo-Ann’s along with a wooden letter and some grey paint for a total of $8. I then spray-mounted the fabric to the backing board (formerly the chalkboard), painted the letter grey, and hot-glued the letter to the fabric. The fabric wasn’t quite firmly mounted enough to hold the wooden letter, so I used my electric stapler to staple it from behind in a few places. Since the dresser will double as a changing table, I wanted to minimize the chance of a heavy letter falling onto our little baby.


French Provincial Dresser and Ikea Ung Drill

Poppies Galore

Even though it is Fall, we are still allowed to decorate with florals. Poppies are great accents in rooms that are in need of color. The colors alone in poppies can be used as inspiration to create a vibrant look. Luckily, poppies are a pattern from the past, so it is easy to find inexpensive decor at thrift and antique stores. I have yet to find some fun poppy-themed items for my home!


Who doesn’t LOVE poppy-yellow?


Adorable idea for dishes of ice cream!


This floral pattern even belongs in a bathroom

Urban Outfitters

The tie of all the colors in this sitting- area is so cute

Palmer Weiss