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Taking the Doors Off

I have been longing to do some renovations to our 50-year-old kitchen. The cabinet doors are “clacky”, being made from (what I can tell) plywood, painted white. The solid wood drawers without guides are super heavy and do not glide whatsoever. I’m thankful that it is painted white though. Since we don’t have a budget for a kitchen remodel, I’ve been thinking on what cheap and easy changes I can make.

Inspiration Photo:

Plum Cushion via Little Green Notebook

I decided to go for it and take off all the upper cabinet doors on one side of my kitchen.


I had to make a few tweaks to what I had in the cabinets, since I wanted only dishes in the ones I was converting to shelves.


I still need to fill in the holes and paint the backs of the shelving, but I love the difference it makes! The kitchen feels more open and modern. I plan to paint the backs of the shelves, remove the old-fashioned scalloped edge above the sink, put crown molding above the cabinets, and change some lighting. (Cuter dishes would help too…hmm…) As you can tell in the picture, the shelves are now a bit dark feeling.


Shelves in the Kitchen…A Happy Thought Indeed

I’m love the look of shelves in the kitchen; an inexpensive DIY option instead of wall-to-wall cabinets/cupboards, and a perfect way to display those cute dishes that are hiding away behind closed doors. My only fear would be all the dust – I would want to re-wash all the dishes before using them.

LAKBdesign via House of Turquoise

Samantha Pynn

Urban Grace Interiors via House of Turquoise

Brooks & Falotico via House of Turquoise

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Lisa Teague via House of Turquoise

Notice most of these pictures are from House of Turquoise.  I have to say, she posts the BEST pictures. Almost all the kitchens I love are from her. Check out her post today, featuring a nursery decked out with tissue paper pompoms, similar to the ones in Hailey’s nursery.