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One Hundredth Post: Office Furniture Set

Here it is… the 100th post on Room to Think! And here I am, with a wonderful matching set of furniture in my office (thanks to this blog for keeping me accountable). The furniture, of course, was not originally matching! Most of it was from Goodwill and the rest from Craigslist. Ever since moving into this apartment, our office room has struggled to stay organized and uniform, so I decided to take the next step and paint a few pieces to match. Here is the before picture of our bookshelves, which are now moved into different places in our apartment and look much cleaner!

My campaign desk, painted ‘Restorative White,’ has always been a favorite piece in the office and I wanted to change the other mis-matched pieces (bookshelf and wooden file cabinet) to match. Thanks to my mom, I was able to paint both of the pieces in one day. We began with creating clean surfaces by sanding the pieces down. The bookshelf had a thick layer of high-gloss stain that was stubborn to sand off and the file cabinet was painted tan.

After the sanding, we applied a thin coat of primer to prep the surface for the new paint.


{Sanded/Primed file cabinet}

Finally, after the primer dried, we could try out the ‘Restorative White’ paint on the pieces. Two coats were sufficient before applying the polyurethane coat with a rag. This ensures a shiny, protected layer over the paint.

Restorative White paint makes the pieces look clean, mature and vintage. The bookshelf and file cabinet would look even better if I could find brass hardware-accents for the corners. As a total, these three furniture items cost me $25 and the paint cost $20. Our coordinating furniture in the office gives the room a brighter and more uniform appearance!



BEFORE & AFTER: Recreating a Floating Shelf

I have been wanting a floating shelf of some sort for Hailey’s room, so I bought this black Aaron Brothers shelf at Salvation Army for $2.99 with the intent of painting it white.

I primed it with Kilz latex primer using a foam brush.

And added three layers of flat Salt Glaze from Behr’s Martha Stewart line, left over from my end table. I then coated it with a couple coats of Minwax Water-Based Polyurethane, which is my new polyurethane of choice as it does not yellow.

I put a couple screws in the wall, not worrying about using drywall screws since it is a small shelf that will not be holding heavy objects. I snagged a few of Hailey’s least-used toys/books (but also some of the cuter ones!) to put on the shelf so she won’t miss them too much.

Want more ideas for your floating shelves? Check out Anna’s post “What to Float on Floating Shelves“.

Shelves in the Kitchen…A Happy Thought Indeed

I’m love the look of shelves in the kitchen; an inexpensive DIY option instead of wall-to-wall cabinets/cupboards, and a perfect way to display those cute dishes that are hiding away behind closed doors. My only fear would be all the dust – I would want to re-wash all the dishes before using them.

LAKBdesign via House of Turquoise

Samantha Pynn

Urban Grace Interiors via House of Turquoise

Brooks & Falotico via House of Turquoise

via Design Sponge

Lisa Teague via House of Turquoise

Notice most of these pictures are from House of Turquoise.  I have to say, she posts the BEST pictures. Almost all the kitchens I love are from her. Check out her post today, featuring a nursery decked out with tissue paper pompoms, similar to the ones in Hailey’s nursery.