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Friday:Favorite ‘Etsy’ Christmas Gifts under $50 is one of our favorite websites to search for handmade gifts. These gifts are suitable for relatives, friends and co-workers. Most of the people you know aren’t used to receiving a gift that was created by an artist. is a great online shop that maintains the appreciation for arts and crafts! Here are some ideas for you for under $50!


An adorable bracelet for a any girl ages thirteen to 30!

Birds Nest Bracelet $30


For any silly guy:

Bearded Beanie $40


A person who hunts would love this:

Unscented Hunting Soap $4


A great gift for anyone who has or is receiving an Amazon Kindle:

Kindle Sleeve $15

Last of all, a good gift for a co-worker or friend:

Vintage Soap $15


Prints on wood by shop PetitCollage make great gifts for someone with small children, or your own children’s room:

Animal Tower, $15

A chandelier mug from Lenny Mud’s shop, $14, a fun gift for the decorator types:

Turn Me On’s shop has an amazing selection of switchplate covers with unique art/photos, an awesome gift for someone who needs a pop of color in their bedroom or bathroom:

Antique Double Switchplate Cover, $11


Christmas is a Craft: DIY Christmas Gifts

Good Housekeeping via Odeedoh

“Christmas is a Craft” a Dave Ramsey-ism for years that the Christmas budget is tight, and some creativity is needed in the gift-giving department. If you are planning on DIYing some Christmas gifts, it’s not too early to get started with your planning and prep. Here are some of my favorite craft ideas around the web that I have made for Christmases in the past or would love to make in the future. I’m all about quick (like during naptime quick) and budget-friendly. So here are two groups of crafts: inexpensive and quick, and more complex and/or spendy.

More complex and/or spendy: